Pakistan Market for Digital Entrepreneur’s

Being a Digital Entrepreneur how a see Pakistan Industry for digital entrepreneurs, I am learning since 2008 in this industry I  faced  many clients in that time Digital Marketing is a new for clients. It is opportunity for me but some time not because in our industry client not educate of benefits of Digital people just know that facebook marketing is digital marketing but facebook just part of social media and social media is only one pillar of Digital Marketing there are more pillars of Digital Marketing like SEO, SEM/PPC, Email, Mobile, Design, Media and more. If we see the international market it is totally different from Pakistan, International market have compition but reward are high in Pakistan market compition is not too high and same for reward. In Pakistan clients is not very familiar about web hosting, domain registration, ecommerce development, many people charged as per client my one of client is have domain registration and hosting from Lahore based company they are charging 20k per year and the package only Rs. 1700 and I offer to my client I can give you unlimited hosting and in lowest rate company accepted my offer but the hosting company not agree to transfer and its I know that in Pakistan its major issue.

Never buy a domain from unknown agency buy directly from domain provider like or Go daddy they are reliable and working globally. Many digital agencies not work for Pakistan Market because of less amount and many factors are involve few I am sharing here, Clients are unaware of services they don’t know the criteria of project, there’re requirement change again and again but in international market all details provide by clients if they change any they pay extra charges I also faces this issue but I am working with them because my vision is Make Pakistan is a Digital Pakistan. We launch a platform for Youth and Companies to bring on digital platform we providing free training and services to promote digital entrepreneurship at Digital Pakistan Platform. We recently launch free workshops on weekend basis for students and professionals those are interested to make career in this industry or want information about digital industry. Many marketers don’t know about perfectly this platform there for many companies are not utilizing this platform and its golden opportunity for Digital entrepreneurs. We are finding those people who startup there business or if exist but want to come digital plate form we well come them and Digital Pakistan platform provide all support as they need.

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