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digital marketing training in pakistan.

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Rana consultants provide best professional training programme to support your marketing career. Whether you are a Student, graduate or professional join us for building your marketing Skills in Digital Marketing World.

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Rana Consultants working with the large organizations including KY Shah Group, Engro Foods, Honda and Elaj Trust. We are Providing Digital Marketing Solutions for large work forces. Our focus is to provide Digital Marketing professional training to the marketing career oriented people. Rana Consultants provide the Digital Marketing Training, Social Media Marketing Training, SEO (Search Engine Optimization Training) and Online Business Training in Pakistan.

It is an entrepreneurship platform for those who wanted to start their own business with low investment. It is an opportunity for Students, Professionals, Freelancers and Small Merchant.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is very exciting industry where the demand for skilled professionals is higher than the supply. Digital marketing is best to develop the foundation skills. It will trained you that how to create and implement digital marketing strategies. If you are a marketing student or graduate you must have significant industry exposure. Our training programmes are designed to bridge the gap between industry and traditional academia We will provide you the best learning’s with engaging in training’s, lectures and through excellent online resources.

The Digital Marketing covers the combined material of Specializations, including:

Digital Strategy and Planning

Developing digital strategy and planning for business is like a challenge. It is not a rocket Science the successful approach to digital is complete understanding. Digital strategy and planning course will learn digital communications Skills. This course focus is to teach about the planning and strategy for the organizations and complete understanding of field. This will help participant to stand up to board level decision making. The digital marketing planning and strategies is   a key aspect to Digital marketing for implementation and creation.

The course will learn you in the following disciplines:

  • Introduction to Strategy and Planning
  • Traditional Communications
  • Digital Communications.
  • Digital Channels
  • Social Customer Service
  • Strategy Formulation and Plan

Industry Experts Trainers

We have experts of the marketing industry to deliver the lecture and practical training and to reveal some of their best tips to learners, Includes advice and brilliant bits of wisdom about topics such as content creation, SEO, Social Media Marketing and Word Press Training.