Mobile Marketing Training in Pakistan

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Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is perfect tool for those who are responsible for mobile marketing execution and planning. Through mobile marketing ads appear on screens of mobile and smart phones and other devices. You have different options to change and customize the styles and designs .mobile apps offer different and unique options.

If you want to be skilled and specialists in mobile marketing you are at right platform.

Participants will gain the technology exposure in the following disciplines

App-based marketing: Mobile apps are the tool of mobile advertising. Advertisers create ads that appear on the users screens. During training you will be learned App development, publishing, and maintenance of mobile applications. Google AdMob  helps advertisers to create mobile ads. Facebook also allows advertisers to create ads that are integrated into Facebook’s mobile app.

In-game mobile marketing: In-game mobile marketing is very effective way of marketing ,people are most attracted towards games and it’s a way that ad appears within could be appear as banner, pop-ups , image or video.

Location-based marketing:

Location- based marketing (LBA) is a new form of marketing that (LBA) is a new form of advertising that affiliates with mobile advertising  with location based Services. This technology is being use to findout the consumer location and provides him to location specific advertisements. It allows markets to target the specific audiences.

Mobile search ads

These are Google ads prepared for mobile. Featured extra adds-on extensions Google click-to-call or maps.

Mobile image ads: Ads designed to appear on mobile devices.

SMS: SMS marketing involves capturing a user’s phone number and sending them text offers.

Mobile Video: The mobile video session helps participants that how mobile video provides basis for delivering mobile marketing and advertise around the world. Participants will learn how to deliver the marketing messages and campaigns through videos, current trends in videos and mobile video consumption.